Border premits

Peaks of the Balkans Border Permits are given by the police authorities of three countries Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Montenegro issues a stamped paper; Kosovo gives and e-mail, while Albania does not provide a written document. 

 These Border Permits are also facilitated by different companies, including the Peaks of the Balkans info web site.

 After your application we will send you, scanned permit issued by Montenegrin Border Police and the e-mail confirmation by the Kosovo police. 


How do I apply?

You can apply by filling the form bellow and attaching a copy of your passports. When we will make your papers, we will inform you how to do the payment and we will send you the permits by e-mail. 


Do I need the exact dates for permit?

Yes, you need to provide us with full details including the date when you will cross and the Border Crossing place. The Peaks of the Balkans Border Permit is valid only for the day when you have applied. 


What happens if I cross the border without permit are there controls? 

 If you cross the border without permit you have broken the law of two countries. The one you are leaving and the one you are entering. For this you will not be arrested however you will be held by police until you pay a fine of about Euro 300.  

There are not too many controls however randomly there are police in certain parts of the trail which will ask for your documents. 

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