Peaks of the Balkans FAQ

What is Peaks of the Balkans

This is the first lengthy hiking trail to traverse the Western Balkans, an area where ancient tracks connect remote regions. The epic walk passes through villages, separated by strict borders and fortified by bunkers that were built over two generations when communist regimes controlled Yugoslavia and Albania. Winding through meadows, mountain peaks, lakes, and woodlands, this is one of the most diverse walking trails in the world. The views and the trails transform, switching from rocky paths and bare peaks to meadows rich with flowers and plants, where nature has been left to run wild. In stark comparison to Western Europe, where the grass is not cut, and the land is left alone for nature to follow its course. 

How do I cross the border

To cross the border you need to get permits from Albania Police, Montenegro Police and the Kosovo Police. The procedure with Kosovo and Albania can be finished through e-mail. However, for the Montenegrin Police, you need to pay a fee and have a contact in the country. The e-mails for Kosovo and Albania police are as follows: pashuk.pepaj@kosovopolice.com, ferdinant.gjeta@asp.gov.al. See the form attached below.
However, it is strongly recommended that you make things simple by paying a local tour operator to arrange the border permits for you. APPLY HERE. 

Is there a Peaks of the Balkans map

Yes, there is a map for Peaks of the Balkans and you can find it on Amazon and at the Visitor Center in Peje or Plav. Price: Euro 10
Also, there are numerous books published for Peaks of the Balkans, which again you can find on Amazon or at the Visitor Center in Peje.

What is the best time to hike

The best time to hike the Peaks of the Balkans is June to September. However, October and mid-May may be possible. In the winter there are only some parts of the hike that are open and where you can find accommodation. Click here for the full article 

Click here for average temperatures Accursed Mountains

Do I need a guide 

You do not necessarily need a guide, especially if you are an experienced hiker, but it is recommended. However, the guide is always good to have, not only to show you the way but also help you deal with accommodation, to get deeper into local traditions and help you understand more about the culture. In guided tours, you will be able to have flexibility as the guide will deal with possible changes and adjustments that may arise.
The groups are accompanied by a professional English-speaking local guide. There are numerous companies that offer both guided and self-guided tours. To hike with a guide you can check the list of guides on our website: Guides

Where do you sleep during the tour

The sleeping arrangements are in guest houses, shared rooms with shower and food. Cleat sheets and towels. Most of the guest houses are clean and proper. In some places you can find hotels and private rooms. The most advanced location is the city of Peja Kosovo and the most remote is Doberdol.
These are some of the links and phone numbers of guest house owners. Peaksofthebalkans.info has updated this information at the best of their knowledge but no guarantees can be given. You book at your own responsibility.

Check out our accommodation page 

Do I have to carry my own luggage

No, you do not necessarily have to carry your luggage.  You can have a horesman doing it with you. You can book this through an agency.