Peaks of the Balkans Map


Quick summary:

  • Trail length: 192 kilometers (119.3 miles)
  • Min. elevation: 670 meters (2198 ft) | Max. elevation: 2,290 meters (7513.12 ft)
  • Ascent: 9,800 meters (32152.23 ft) | Descent: 9,900 meters (32480.31 ft)
  • Time: 10 days

This is a map guide of the Western Balkans’ wildest and most unspoiled mountain range, which stretches through Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

To make sure you get on your way easily each day, even when the trail passes through uninhabited mountain regions, we can provide you with detailed Peaks of the Balkans topographic Map and the GPS tracks to use via a smartphone app or on your own GPS device. The map below is Peaks of the Balkans Classic Route, which encompasses 10 hiking days, featuring routes to the most scenic villages and summer huts of the three countries, as well as crossing borders outside of the official border crossing checkpoints.
We do also provide suggestions depending on your preferences and plans. For further information, please contact us, and we will provide you with itineraries designed in cooperation with our guides.