There is a Norwegian saying: there is no bad weather there is only inappropriate clothing. This can be the answer to the question Peaks of the Balkans when to go. However, the question here is when is the best time to go to enjoy the best weather and to have a hike that is not an adventurous challenge. 

We at the Balkan Natural Adventure are usually the first ones to start the season with a group in April. However, these tours do not usually include the full trip so we keep the part from Cerrem to Milishevc out because there is more snow and the guest houses are not open. So we cut the trail and made the trail 5 to 8 days instead of 10 days. 

Glacier in Valbona Theth trail

May is more or less the same but with the weather improving and the crocus flowers blooming in next to the snow patches adding to the trip. Both in April and May Peaks of the Balkans can be done and you may need snowshoes at some sections and you need to be a string as the days are shorter so you can not afford to be in the mountains more than  8 hours. 

The real “season” starts in June and continues till September with every month offering its own features. October is the last month of the year when you can find all the guest houses open and it can be a very enjoyable trip, minding that the day becomes shorter and there is an increase of risk of long periods of rain. 

Peaks of the Balkans in June 

June since 2015 has started to become a wetter month with varying temperatures which in some places can go as low as 5 degrees. However, it stays a very good month for Peaks of the Balkans with some showers from time to time and with almost no very warm days. The days are long and the trail is almost empty. The season is in its beginning and the hosts will be in a better mood to welcome you as an omen of a good season. 

Peaks of the Balkans in July 

July is the most popular month for the peaks of the Balkans. The vacation period is in full swing and the risk of rainy days is over. The summer flowers are all out giving the view of very rich meadows. Everything is in full swing so all guest houses are working and the services are available. The downside of July is that if you do not book in advance you may be stuck to the worst accommodation or left to sleep outdoors. Additionally, if you have not booked before you may have to pay for more expensive accommodation. 

Peaks of the Balkans in August 

Contrary to some belief that August will be full, this is not the busiest month. The temperatures are the same with July and in some countries, the school holiday is at its end. In terms of the number of people, this month is as busy as July and as warm as July. Probably these two months can be treated as one. 

Peaks of the Balkans in September

September will be less busy and the temperatures will start to go down but so will the duration of the day. The risk of rain starts to increase and there is the possibility of thunderstorms. Nature starts preparing for the winter and the colours start changing, there will be fewer flowers but more colours. Guesthouses are all still open and some may need to put the heating on as night temperatures can fall under zero. 

Peaks of the Balkans October 

October may be the last month when you can do the full trial with all the guest houses open. It is thus the latest dates that would be included in the season. On the bad side the risk of rain increases, the days are shorter, however on the positive side you will get the unique autumn nature, trails only for yourself and potentially better prices. Balkan Natural Adventure has organised several groups in October and most of them had a nice time, however, there are instances when the tour had to be cancelled due to several days in a row of heavy rain. During these months the company gives options for free cancellation and alternative programmes in South Albania. 

Peaks of the Balkans in November to April 

These are atypical times for the Peaks of the Balkans trail. However, these are months that this region is no go. There are very nice parts for ski touring and snowshoeing and places Like Plav, Valbona and Theth are open all year round. There are proper guides and the possibility to rent equipment in the region for special tours. The whole trail during this time is possible but one would need to be strong and prepare to use some of the accommodation with no services there, which would include the transfer of food. As an adventure company, we would look forward to offering these services. 

Peaks of the Balkans when to go?

There are no rules about when is the best time. However, the recommendation is June to October. Earlier than June the timing is good however some of the guesthouses may not be open, so shorter versions possible. Balkan Natural Adventure is the company that does the earliest hikes in the Peaks of the Balkans.

Written by: Virtyt Gacaferri 
Balkan Natural Adventure