Leqinat i KuÇishtёs

Leqinat i Kuçishtёs (Guri i Kuq), Kosovo – Babino Polje, Montenegro

Trail distance: 15.8 kilometers
Elevation min: 1,438 meters max: 2,276 meters
Cumulative height uphill: 1,151 meters downhill: 1,109 meters
Difficulty level: Moderate
Time: 7-8 hours
Markings to the border: red/white/red from the border to Babino
Polje: red circle/white fills

This day involves a transfer hike to Babino Polje, Montenegro. This is a relatively
long hike which passes the border between Kosovo and Montenegro.

It goes through beautiful mountain areas with many water sources, glacial lakes, and
mountain passes featuring breathtaking views.

From Guri i Kuq to Babino Polje, there are no accommodation possivilities/
villages in between along the trail, but one can set up a tent. We suggest
camping at Lugu i Shkodres pass (WP 4f ) or in between Jelenka pass and Ravno
Brdo pass – near the small lake (WP 7f ). If you decide to divide this hike into
two parts, the first day would be mostly ascending and the second day mostly
descending. Considering the split up of the trail WP 7f, the length of the first day
is 7.4 kilometers and the second day 8.4 kilometers. Please note that camping
outside organized camping sites is not allowed in Montenegro.

It starts at Guri i Kuq Complex (WP 20e) and goes gently upwards south along
an unpaved road, later becoming a hiking trail marked with red circles. After
approx. 2.2 kilometers hiking uphill, we reach an amazing glacial lake. The locals
call it Liqeni i Kuçishtёs (WP 1f ). Our route follows northwest for approx. 500
meters and then southwest. A few meters further on, we reach a water source
(WP 2f ) and a glacial lake called Liqeni i Drelajve (WP 3f ).

Up to this point, the path is clearly visible, but after we pass the second glacial
lake the path starts to become less noticeable and requires good orientation
skills. A GPS device or a local guide is recommended for this part of the hike.
From Liqeni i Drelajve the route follows southwest uphill to the Lugu i Shkodrёs
pass (WP 4f ). The pass is called Lugu i Shkodrёs (Shkodra pass) because it used
to be the pass of an ancient path connecting this area with the city of Shkodra in Albania.

A water source can be found in Lugu i Shkodrёs pass (WP 5f ). Our route
continues south uphill for approx. 400 meters until we reach Jelenka pass (WP
6f ). From here, we can see the valley of Babino Polje. We start the hike southeast
downhill and after approx. 1.5 kilometers we see a small artificial lake (WP 7f ).
The locals use this as a water reserve for donkeys, horses, etc. From here, the
route follows southwest along a nearly-flat terrain until Ravno Brdo pass (WP
8f ) is reached. From Ravno Brdo pass, we have a very clear and beautiful view
towards Babino Polje village. The path is not always visible because of the long
grass, but it is not difficult to reach the village since we have a clear view of it.
The path continues downhill and we see many shepherd huts (WP 9f ). After an
approx. 1 kilometer hike downhill, we reach the village. After we cross the bridge
(WP 10f ), we continue northwest along an unpaved road. Babino Polje is a nice
option for an overnight stay and it is easy to find accommodation.