Milisevc - Kosovo

Milisevc, Kosovo – Reka e Allagёs, Kosovo

Trail distance: 16.24 kilometers
Elevation min: 910 meters max: 2,136 meters
Cumulative height uphill: 863 meters downhill: 1,277 meters
Difficulty level: Moderate
Time: 8-9 hours
Markings: red/white/red

The interesting transfer hike to Reka e Allagёs begins with an ascent to the
Lumbardhi ridge, a vantage point which offers breathtaking views towards the
surrounding mountains and Milisevc. It then continues with a steep descent to
Rugova Camp Hotel before continuing up along gravel roads to Reka e Allagёs.
Bonuses of this hike include drinks at Rugova Camp and delicious traditional
food served with warm hospitality at Reka e Allagёs’ guesthouses.

For a less challenging hike, the trail can be separated into two days. The first day
would involve an ascent hike 9.1 kilometers long to the Lumbardhi ridge and
the steep descent to Rugova Camp (WP 11d, tel: +38 (0) 44-248-270) where
accommodation can be found. The second day will involve a 6.8 kilometers hike
from Rugova Camp to Reka e Allagës village with a gentle ascend along the
gravel roads.

This hike starts at the main road (dirt road) of the village (WP 11c) and climbs
directly north via the mule track which crosses the Bjeshka e Lumbardhit ridge.
At WP 1d, we reach a beautiful meadow with breathtaking views towards
Gjeravica Mountain (the highest in Kosovo), Marjashi peak (southwest from our
position), and Milisevc.

Our ascent north is along an unclear, but easily orientated track that arrives at
a pass (WP 2d). From the pass we continue north towards Guri i Kuq Mountain
which can be identified by its red rock formations. When we are about to
approach the mountain wall, we reach a broad path which takes us to Pusi i
Magareve (WP 3d) – a small lake for cattle. We follow the path north with the
lake on our right and then begin a steep descent north at WP 4d along a mule
track. At WP 5d, we reach a dirt road that we follow until we take a left turn at
the junction (WP 6d). The hike continues along a mule track through the forest.
Our descent follows north along the mule tracks, dirt roads, and some junctions
(see the waypoints list for the directions) until we reach Rrugova Camp Hotel
which is located next to the main road. Rrugova Camp is an inviting place to
have a rest before finishing this day hike at Reka e Allagёs village.

From Rrugova Camp one can either hike to Reka e Allagёs or take a taxi. The
distance left from here is 6.8 kilometers and the trail goes 1.7 kilometers along
the main road, followed by the remainder along a gravel road.

We stayed at Mustafa Hakaj’s guesthouse (WP 15d) located in the Hokaj
neighborhood of Reka e Allagёs village.