Reke e Allages - Hajla peak - Drelaj

Reka e Allagёs, Kosovo – Pepaj, Kosovo – Drelaj,
Kosovo – Dugaivё, Kosovo – Kuçishtё (Guri i Kuq),

Trail distance: 23.26 kilometers
Elevation min: 1,072 meters max: 1,820 meters
Cumulative height uphill: 1,257 meters downhill: 1,139 meters
Difficulty level: Moderate
Time: 8-9 hours
Markings: red/white/red

The transfer hike to Kuçishtё is long and interesting and allows for the
possibility to visit some other villages along the way. Although it is a long day
hike, the difficulty rating is low because the major part of the hike goes along
dirt and gravel roads. There are also options to stop the hike and continue to
the last point by vehicle.

For a less challenging hike, the trail can be divided into two parts. The best
option for an overnight stay is Drelaj village (WP 9e) where accommodation
can be found at the family of Osman Shala’s, tel. +37744586740. The trail
distance from Reka e Allagёs to Drelaj is 10.1 kilometer long and from here to
Kuçishtё (Guri i Kuq) or Leqinat i Kuçishtёs 12.9 kilometers.

The hike starts with an ascent northwest through the meadow behind Mustafa
Hakaj’s guesthouse (WP 15d). Upon approaching the pine trees, we turn right
(east) along a mule track. The track is lined by a fence on our right, and a few
meters further on we turn left at the junction (WP 1e). After a few hundred
meters following northeast, we reach a meadow with beautiful views towards

Reka e Allagёs and the surrounding mountains.
At WP 2e, we cross the dirt road and follow the ascent northwest through the
forest. We take a left turn at the junction (WP 3e), then we follow north until we
exit the forest and reach a nice meadow and tourist shelter (WP 5e). This is an
inviting place to rest awhile.

From here, we follow west along a dirt road to Pepaj village. On the way to Pepaj
there are two water sources along the road. At the junction of WP 6e and 7e, we
turn left and the descent to Pepaj village can be seen from both positions. After
approx. 1 kilometer, we see the cemetery (WP 8e) and take a right turn at the
junction a few meters further on. The descent follows very gently along a gravel
road no longer used by cars; auto traffic having moved to a more recently built
road. By following this road for a few kilometers, we reach Drelaj village (WP 9e)
and from here we turn right at the junction. We continue southwest through the
village along a road lined by fences. This road leads us to the village exit, a bridge
(WP10). We cross the bridge and follow a gravel road ascending north along the
river into a beautiful canyon.

If you want to finish this hike, you can take a left turn after crossing the bridge
and approx. 1 kilometer further on you meet the main road. Here you can hire a
taxi to Kuçishtё (WP 20e).

At WP 11e, bear left at the junction and follow the ascending gravel road northwest.
When we arrive at Dugaivё (WP 14e), we do not take any of the dirt roads;
rather, we follow southwest along a meadow, then south to the forest. We follow
south at WP 15e and approx. 200 meters further on we start descending along a
mule track through the forest which leads us to Kuçishtё village (WP 16e). At the
village, we take the dirt road and continue southwest until we meet the paved
road at the bridge (WP 17e).

Worth visiting in this village is the Catholic Church which is located in a place
called “Church Hill” (ask locals for a guide or directions). Ruins of this church
represent one of the most valuable monuments of medieval Rugova.
To go to Guri i Kuq Hotel (the point nearest to the trail head of the next hike),
follow south for approx. 3.8 kilometers and bear left at the junctions of WP 18e
and 19e.