Theth - Nderlyse Theth

Babino Polje, Montenegro – Hrid lake – Plav, Montenegro

Trail distance: 10km
Elevation min: 496m max: 784m
Accumulative height uphill: 266m
downhill: 435m
Difficulty level: Easy

The village of Theth is one of the most picturesque places in Northern Albania.

Preserved by the wild nature and very bad roads, the village has still the kulla and other buildings dating back in middle ages.

The village is 100 per cent Roman Catholic, and has the most unique structure in the world. Kulla e Ngujimit, which is a three story rock building with no windows. It served as the self-imposed exile for people who were involved in blood feuds.

You will spend this day walking in the village toward the waterfalls and naturally created “bath-tubs” of the river Shala. This is a short relaxing walk full of culture and natural beauties.