Valbonё, Albania – Çerem, Albania

Trail distance: 19.8 kilometers
Elevation min: 670 meters max: 1,156 meters
Cumulative height uphill: 541 meters downhill: 382 meters
Difficulty level: Easy
Time: 7 hours
Markings: None

This itinerary involves the transfer from Valbonë to Çerem village. To get to
Çerem, one can either hire a taxi or hike along the gravel road for 20 kilometers
from Fusha e Gjes Hotel (WP 12) to Çerem. The mule track – the shortest way –
used to connect the two villages, but has been destroyed by erosion.

There are no accommodation possibilities along this trail for separating the hike/
drive. People at Fusha e Gjes Hotel can help you find a taxi.

Çerem is a small village, largely abandoned, located approx. 17 kilometers
northeast of Valbonë. At the moment it is populated only during the summer
time by shepherds. The village is empty during the winter time due to poor
weather conditions. The road which connects the village with Valbonë and the
city of Bajram Curri is blocked by snow during the winters.

The hike/drive starts at Hotel Fusha e Gjes (WP 12), located about 3.5 kilometers
southwest of Valbonë center. We follow northwest along the main (unpaved)
road which connects Rragam with Valbonë. Approx. 1 kilometer from the hotel,
we cross a bridge (WP 1a). A few kilometers further on, we find the Tourist Info
Center of Valbonë (WP 2a) located next to the main road close to the village
center (WP 3a). Most of the guesthouses and other facilities are located here.

Take the main road and then, after approx. 7 kilometers, bear left at the junction
(WP 4a) to Çerem village. By taking a right turn at this junction, the route takes
you to Dragobi village and then on to Bajram Curri city. We take a left turn at
the next junction (WP 5a) and follow the gravel road. After some kilometers, we
cross a stream (WP 6a) flowing over the road. We follow the gravel road for 2
more kilometers and then cross the river and approach Çerem center (WP 7a).
Çerem is a good option for staying overnight or taking a break at one of its
hospitable alpine huts. We stayed at Hysen Sula’s guesthouse (WP 8a).