Peaks of the Balkans in winter conditions 

The Peaks of the Balkans in winter is almost impossible to do for an average or even a trained hiker. This would be an endeavor for hardship adventurists. However, there are options that can provide a piece of this experience covered with snow. 

The main obstacle for Winter Peaks of the Balkans is the lack of accommodation in some of the villages. Those affected mostly by winter are Doberdol, Milishevc, and Babino Polje. In the other places, accommodation is either available or it can be arranged. 

The other obstacle is distance. Fifteen kilometers in summer is OK, however, if you add the snow, the short period of daylight, and the larger possibility of complications then these trails become to long for none professional hikers. 

The third and maybe the determining condition, the risk of avalanche and the possibility of getting help on time. During summer most of the parts of the Peaks of the Balkans are reachable by a better 4×4 or a horse in a few hours. In winter search and rescue would have to walk, as helicopter aid is dependent on army support. 

What is possible for Peaks of the Balkans in Winter 

There are many things that are possible to snowshoe or ski track. In Kosovo, the Hajla peak is possible and beautiful. Some parts of the hike Liqenat – Babino Polje offer good conditions for a hike. While if you want to see Doberdol from Maja Aruçit you can do it if you sacrifice some enmities and go there from Gacaferi Pastures. 

In Albania, one can reach Theth and Valbona and reach some of the hikes there and enjoy the unspoiled snow around these two villages. The hike Valbone Theth is not doable due to the high avalanche risk. 

In Montenegro, the Plav region always offers a large number of options, especially in direction of Babino Polje and some good hikes between Plav and Vusanje. 

Outside Peaks of the Balkans but still in the region 

There are many other tours that provide good conditions for ski touring. The Sharr Mountains that lay between Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Albania are perfect for winter tours. These mountains are rounder but higher thus keeping the snow longer. Villages like Brezovica, Radomira, Prevalla, Brod, Dragash, and others. Click here for an offer

These tours can be organized in reaching the highest peak of North Macedonia and Albania, Korab which is a wonderful trophy.